Exquisite Wooden Building Products that will Turn Around Your Premises

Wooden products are gradually becoming popular in residential building and constructions. There are several factors that have made wood become a product of choice, mainly being an aesthetic appeal and the easier workability and modification.

wooden flooring in interior

Unique Exterior Brought out By Wooden Facades
Beautiful exteriors and interior’s play a crucial role in enhancing the appeal. There are numerous types and designs of facades that can be used in a building but none of them is as distinctive as the wooden facade. It is important to note that the exterior of the building gives the first impression and a unique one will thrill and attract users.

Some great benefits of wooden facades include

•  They create a natural and live appearance to the premises
•  They are weather resistant and long lasting
•  Nature of wood allows for easy construction and great designs
•  Addition of value to the building
•  They are increasingly accepted in modern architectural designs
•  Different colors can be used on the wood.

Au-Mex Ltd. specializes in wood cladding that will transform any building exterior from dull and old appearance to a new and attractive construction.

Timber Decking
There is a new architectural wave in building and home construction whereby the previously hard patios and terraces are gradually being replaced by wooden decking and classified as outside rooms. These outside rooms are proving a great way to extend the living space of the house. This space is good for children, dining, relaxing and they are a definite attraction to the home. Wood decking has various advantages such as;

•  Offer comfortable walking surface
•  Good aesthetic appeal
• Warmth and good ambiance in the house
•  Easy modification of the floor
•  There is no excavation required during preparation.

The wooden decking is also environmentally friendly, renewable and they are constructed of timber waste like sawdust and chippings.

Interior Wooden Flooring
The floor represents the foundation to the home interior.  Wooden flooring can be used to represent various themes in the home. The hue can also be used to convey the mood of the house. When red and orange interior wooden flooring is used, it creates a sense of warmth, intimacy, and harmony in the house.

Solid Flooring Real Floor

Sauna Wood
The importance of sauna wood can never be overestimated. In a sauna, there is great variability in temperature and moisture. Choosing the best type of wood is very important. The most recommended type is the Knot free Canadian hemlock and the spruce. Au-Mex Ltd. always strives to import high-quality sauna wood for long lasting and excellent saunas.

Sauna Material

Innovative Wood Flooring Solutions
Two important types of wood flooring are available in building design; these are the solid wood flooring and the engineering wood flooring. Solid wood type of floor involves milling hardwood from lumber boards. It can be used in most rooms except those that have high humidity, where the engineered wood is most preferred.


Wooden Engineered Floor
Wooden engineered floor has multiple layers of hardwood and plywood, stacked and joined together in a cross design to reduce the effect of expansion and contraction. They are also very easy to install and can be used in multiple areas of the premises.